Wire frame glasses have been flitting in and out of the trend spotlight since glasses were really invented. Due to their remarkably simple aesthetic and relative ease of manufacture, people have been wearing these kinds of glasses since the 13th century. When you look at the models below, it’s easy to see why. They keep their form, but their function is simple. Lenses and something to keep them on your face.

In this guide, we want to showcase the best-value wire glasses on the market right now. Ideally, when searching for cheap glasses, you want something that hits the spot right between low prices and high quality. Luckily, there’s a fantastic range of thin wire frame glasses from the SmartBuy Collection that do just that!

Men’s Wire Frame Glasses

SmartBuy Collection Morgan Asian Fit 604F

wire glasses, wire frame glasses

These circular wire frame glasses are a simplistic fashion accessory that offers a high level of function for a low price. These glasses don’t skimp on style, with a classically minimalist design suited for a range of face shapes. They’re full-rim, with simple yet effective gold frames. They have plastic nose pads and temple accents and are one of the staples of the dynamic SmartBuy Collection.

SmartBuy Collection Denny X9815-4 C1

wire glasses, wire frame glasses

Unlike the Morgan glasses, these glasses sport some more modern, angular frames. Like many of the other eyeglasses here, these hipster-style glasses maintain their pared-back look with nose pads and smart gold detailing on the frames. And, as part of the SmartBuy Collection, they’re incredibly affordable too!

SmartBuy Collection Channon X3447-4 C1

wire glasses, wire frame glasses

These copper wire frame glasses offer a slightly different spin on the classic round glasses look. These specs have some acutely detailed temples and contemporary classic design features, like the upward-angled bridge and ergonomically designed nose pads. With full-rim copper-coloured frames and wide lenses, these are a great piece of modern eyewear. These might be a little small on some faces, so it’s definitely worth a visit to the full SmartBuy Collection to check out some more models!

SmartBuy Collection Scout Asian Fit M5

wire glasses, wire frame glasses

As featured in our Harry Potter glasses buying guide, these black wire frame glasses are an amazing budget option for big-screen style. We would say that these are the smartest glasses in this guide. Their slim full-rim black frames are really flattering to anyone’s face shape. They’ve also been really nicely detailed along the bridge and temples. You may not even notice the nose pads on these specs. They’ve been designed to sit flush against the edge of the lenses – a design touch that ranks them number 1 with our team.

Wire Frame Glasses Women’s

SmartBuy Collection Dolly 993G

wire glasses, wire frame glasses

Much like the Morgan glasses, these Dolly gold wire frame glasses are a classic, flattering design. However, these have been tuned and adjusted for a slimmer look. They come with some sleek full-rim gold frames that add a certain old-timey, vintage feel to their overall style.

SmartBuy Collection Sharapova Asian Fit 992 

wire glasses, wire frame glasses

These Sharapova glasses offer a slightly different design that bridges the gap between wayfarers and women’s wire frame glasses. With a more boxy, rectangular design and a sleek piano black finish, these specs are a great-value modern style solution to your eyewear needs.

SmartBuy Collection Anila Asian Fit 791C

wire glasses, wire frame glasses

While the Sharapova glasses bridged the gap to wayfarers, these Anila glasses bridge the gap to aviators while still maintaining that timeless wire frame appeal! These particular metal glasses come in a beautiful rose gold finish. They have black detailing on the temples and a smart double nose bridge design which is bursting back on to the fashion scene right now.

SmartBuy Collection Lita 925B

wire frame glasses, wire glasses

The final entry in this wire frame master-list, these Lita glasses from the SmartBuy Collection offer a fresh take on a classic design. Other glasses stick to safe, round silhouettes. However, these specs opt for a funky octagonal design which sets them apart from the competition. These glasses have black wire frames and some really nice rose gold accents which set them apart from this monochrome-dominated list!

Tips & Tricks – Wire Frame Glasses

How to Remove Lenses From Wire Frame Glasses

With glasses like the ones on this list, it’s best NOT to try to remove and replace the lenses yourself. While you might have a chance with plastic glasses, you can easily scratch or break the lenses in metal frames. Visit your optician to find out if there’s a way to do it there; they’re the professionals, after all!

How to Fix Wire Frame Glasses

There are several purported methods on the web for fixing glasses including (but not limited to) tape, string, fishing wire and… soldering. We would recommend, like in our previous answer, seeking professional help if your glasses are broken. If they’re just bent, see below!

How to Adjust Wire Frame Glasses

Before adjusting your glasses, it’s a good idea to correctly assess the changes that need to be made. The aim with eyeglasses is to get your eyes directly in the middle of the lenses. With metal frame glasses, this means making small bends and adjustments to the temples, bridge and nose pads. Never make huge, drastic adjustments to your glasses all at once. It can often be harder to bend your glasses back into the right position after a repair than it is to make the adjustment in the first place.

If you’ve enjoyed this guide to some of the best affordable wire frame glasses out there, read our guide to flat-top glasses, another hit style at the moment. Alternatively, if you’re tempted by some of the glasses on show in this virtual shop window, you can browse the full eyeglasses range from the SmartBuy Collection here.


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