New York University implored students to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines after it received reports of “large crowds of young people” who congregated at a nearby park Sunday night, including some people who did not appear to be wearing masks or practicing social distancing.

“[T]he expectations we have set for NYU students apply both on-campus and off-campus,” Marc Wais, NYU’s senior vice president for student affairs, said in a message to students that was posted on the university’s website.

“We are investigating the circumstances from last night and any students who have violated our expectations will be subject to disciplinary action,” Wais added.

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The gathering at Manhattan’s Washington Square Park took place shortly after NYU announced that more than 20 students had been suspended for violating the school’s new COVID-19 policies. The school did not provide details about the suspensions.

“Please don’t be the next. Avoid parties and bars. Wear a mask. Keep your distance,” NYU said in a tweet.

Universities and colleges across the U.S. are wrestling with how to prevent students from spreading the coronavirus and struggling to make the transition to in-person learning during a pandemic.


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