Horn-rimmed glasses are some of the most iconic silhouettes in the eyewear world. It’s been a while since their invention, and now the term ‘horn rimmed glasses’ encompasses a large variety of different glasses frames styles. Ray-Ban is probably the best-known manufacturer of horn-rim glasses frames with their wayfarers, but there are definitely some other big name players out there looking to take their crown with other innovative designs. So, while you may have some idea of what a pair of horn rimmed glasses looks like, they might be rather different than what you imagine.

Before we take you through the ins and outs of horn-rimmed glasses (as well as some of our faves from SmartBuyGlasses right now), it’s worth getting to know what exactly makes your average pair of horn-rimmed glasses… horn-rimmed.

What Are Horn-Rimmed Glasses?

So, you’ve made it this far. Horn-rimmed glasses are clearly worth reading about. It’s time to delve into their origins, aesthetics and features, so you can learn more about them before you get yourself a pair.

To start, look at the front of some horn-rimmed glasses and check out where it meets the glasses’ temples. If that meeting point between the temples and front extends horizontally (but NOT vertically) past the outer part of the frame, then you’ve found yourself a nice pair of horn-rimmed glasses. They’re typically characterized by their bold appearance on their wearer’s face. As opposed to metal frames, horn-rimmed glasses tend to appear less pronounced.

They started off as being made from actual horn, but their name actually bears no relevance to their material. For most of their history, they’ve generally been constructed out of thick plastics designed to imitate horn, ivory or tortoiseshell. Instead, it’s all about those pointy bits of the frame that give their trademark shape a ‘horned’ appearance.

Horn Rimmed Glasses (Women’s)

Women’s horn-rimmed frames are a super-stylish way to work some hipster, vintage or 1950s style into your wardrobe. There are some really good models in our catalogue, but it may also be worth checking out some men’s glasses; after all, the lines by which fashion is gendered are blurring all the time!

Arise Collective Harold C502 F98

Horn Rimmed Glasses, horn rim

These translucent hipster horn-rimmed glasses are probably the closest thing to actual ivory horn frames on the market right now. They’re finished really nicely, with soft acetate full-rim frames that add a touch of cool luxury to an otherwise unassuming frame.

Guess GU 2652 056

guess glasses, guess

These amazing Guess glasses show why the LA-based fashion leaders are riding the crest of the wave in the eyewear market right now. With a cool mix between translucent pink and wild havana colouring, these full-rim horn glasses are an incredibly fun hipster fashion option for 2020.

SmartBuy Collection Poppy A95A

cheap glasses, affordable glasses, retro horn rimmed glasses

These retro horn-rimmed glasses from SmartBuy Collection are an amazing-value choice for anyone looking to jump into the world of horn-rim style. These specs have some classy silver accents which beautifully compliment their glossy acetate full-rim frames. Like the rest of the glasses from SmartBuy Collection, they provide an amazing high fashion alternative at really low prices.

Horn Rimmed Glasses (Men’s)

Men’s horn-rimmed glasses offer some amazing retro-style eyewear options for any guy’s wardrobe. We’ve selected three of our favourite men’s designs from huge brands like Ray-Ban and more!

Ray-Ban RX5154 Clubmaster 2372

ray-ban, glasses, clubmaster

Ray-Ban Clubmasters. Arguably the last word in Ray-Ban horn-rimmed glasses, these retro designer frames are a personal preference for this particular genre of eyewear. This particular colourway features cool tortoiseshell detailing on slick gold full-rim frames. It’s a design classic, what more can we say?

Tom Ford FT5558-B Blue-Light Block 001

Tom Ford, glasses

Another huge name in the horn-rimmed glasses market, Tom Ford has squeezed their trademark design quality into these glasses. With branded ‘T’ detailing on those horns that we’ve talked so much about, these black full-rim glasses are unmistakably Tom Ford. Plus, they feature blue light blocking technology, which studies have suggested can be really beneficial for minimising eye strain and improving your sleep cycle!

Arise Collective Bert C4 YC-15008

cheap glasses, affordable glasses

These full-rim Bert glasses are one of our fave designs from Arise Collective. They bring a mix of vintage and modern looks with transparent brown acetate frames. These glasses are a big fashion statement for a small price; they’re one of hundreds of great value frames from Arise Collective, and that’s why we love them.

Virtual Try-On

This guide has featured some of our favourite horn-rimmed glasses, but if you’re interested in seeing how they’d look on your face, check out our easy to use Virtual Try-On tool. It lets you see how they look without even having to leave your home – perfect for a socially distanced try-before-you-buy!

If you’ve liked the look of these glasses, check out more styles like rectangular glasses and our full range of Ray-Ban wayfarer glasses. Alternatively, see the great value, high style specs Arise Collective has to offer here!


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