In honor of Black History Month, we are highlighting more of what makes Utah great: the state’s Black Owned Businesses and nonprofits. Throughout February, this series will showcase a variety of business owners in a variety of fields from the food industry, the arts, fashion, and a non-profit that prides itself in encouraging children of color. 

This week we meet Jasmine and Angelique Gordon, two sisters who are changing the world of fashion and styling by creating a space for women of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable in their own skin. A’la Mode is a styling boutique located in Downtown Salt Lake City that offers unique apparel as well as individual styling services.

When visiting the store for a styling appointment you can expect the appointment to be catered directly to you. Clients are asked to fill out a brief questionnaire online so the items can be laid out for you to try on and mix/match.  “We pull everything in your size and styles that you are looking for. Whether you are trying to go for a vacation or event.” Gordon described the unique styling experience, emphasizing that the styling appointments are kept very private and personal for customers. 

Since opening their business they have been met with positive reviews and a sea of happy customers. “When we were doing our online services, we shipped out a box and it was to someone that was having a double mastectomy. When she shipped her return items back there was a nice letter in there about how much we had shaped her future and gave her more confidence coming out of a surgery that really alters her life,” Jasmine Gordon shared when reflecting on one of their most impactful experiences. They stated that they have also been met with tons of repeat customers! Because of the support of the community they were able to stay open despite the pandemic. 

These two sisters prove to young girls anywhere that they can achieve any dream “A lot of times when you see people in these roles of power or these roles in the community, a lot of times its male. So we are able to give girls, all girls able to see someone that looks like them. 

The boutique is open Tuesday through Saturday for shopping and you can book in-person consultation on their website at


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