Ricky Schroder, the former Silver Spoons child star-turned-bail bondsman for Kyle Rittenhouse, filmed himself ranting and raving outside of a California Costco over the weekend after being denied entry for refusing to wear a mask.

Though the CDC recently lifted federal guidelines for mandatory mask wearing, face covering mandates remain in place at the state, local, and business levels. As such, when a bare-faced Schroder turned up at a Los Angeles-area Costco on Saturday, he was promptly denied entry.

Schroder proceeded to film himself harassing a store supervisor named Jason, questioning why Jason allowed himself to be ruled by “kings” while demanding a “refund” from the store. Other patrons entering Costco seemed uninterested in Schroder’s unhinged rantings, but the content was ripe for mockery on the Internet. As of Sunday morning, Schroder’s video has been seen by more than one million people —  easily making it his most viewed on-camera appearance in well over a decade.

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Last year, Schroder contributed several hundred thousands dollars towards the bail of accused murderer Kyle Rittenhouse, and is now planning to make a documentary about Rittenhouse’s story.


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