Israel’s call for Palestinians to evacuate eastern Rafah come a day after Israeli soldiers were killed in a Hamas “rocket and mortar barrage” toward the Kerem Shalom crossing, according to the IDF.

The crossing for delivering badly needed aid to Gaza was closed overnight and this morning the IDF said the number of soldiers killed had risen to four following the strike.

The IDF noted that it carried out a “counterstrike” in response to the assault and in a later news release said fighter jets struck “terror targets” in the area of Rafah from which projectiles were launched. It said a sniper post, a military structure and terrorist infrastructure were among the targets.

Video captured by NBC News’ crew on the ground showed people gathering around a home Palestinians said was targeted in a strike last evening. Witnesses said several people were killed, including children, with video shot by NBC News’ crew appearing to show the bodies of at least two children.

NBC News has reached out to the IDF for comment. Israeli officials have not stated any connection between the Kerem Shalom attack and today’s Rafah activity.


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