Rising songwriter and vocalist Dylvn has finally delivered on his impressive debut album, Falling Far From Home. As you’ll hear below, the San Clemente artist absolutely stuns on all 10 of these tracks, as he explores love, heartbreak, and redemption through the lens of his captivating lyricism and clever introspection. Filled to the brim with beautiful guitar melodies and soulful vocals, this project is an absolute breath of fresh air within a sea of oversaturated, generic pop music. The sky is clearly the limit for this promising and talented young act – see what we mean by streaming Falling Far From Home via Spotify and read what Dylvn himself has to say about the inspiration behind his debut album.

I was going through a period in my life where I didn’t know what the hell love was. I thought I knew…but falling out of this infatuated fantasy of what I thought was love put me into this dark hole. Coming out of it and writing this album really helped me find who I was not only as an artist but who I really want to be with in my life.” -Dylvn

Dylvn – Falling Far From Home


‘LISTEN: Rising Artist Dylvn Unleashes Stunning Debut Album, “Falling Far From Home”

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