Wilco have unveiled their very own font. Made with SimpleBits, Wilco Loft Sans is an “all-caps, high contrast sans serif,” the band says on its store. They also shared a custom icon for each band member, based on an instrument they play at Chicago venue The Loft, which hosts the Guitar Fun sign that inspired the font. Check it out in the graphic below.

Yesterday, Jeff Tweedy sat down for a chat with Seth Meyers on Late Night. He discussed his just-released new book World Within a Song—particularly his adoration for ABBA’s “Dancing Queen,” an “undeniable” song he took a while to love. Watch it happen below.

Tweedy recently shared a cover of the Bill Fay song “Filled With Wonder Once Again.” Wilco’s new album, Cousin, was released in late September. Last month, the band appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and performed “Convicted.”


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