It’s that time of year for Spotify Wrapped, the annual breakdown of what fans have listened to on the streaming platform over the past 12 months. For the company’s 2023 edition, artists recorded thank you videos for fans that streamed their music the most; Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, and “Weird Al” Yankovic among them. As posted in tweets by his fans, Yankovic had a special message for his listeners—and for Spotify. “It’s my understanding that I had over 80 million streams on Spotify this year,” Yankovic said in his video. He continued: “So, if I’m doing the math right that means I earned…$12.”

Yankovic went on to say that the amount was “enough to get myself a nice sandwich at a restaurant.” He then thanked his fans for the support. And for the sandwich. Watch it happen here.

Yankovic’s video arrives roughly one week after Spotify announced a new policy on royalty payments, which will eliminate payouts for songs with fewer than 1,000 annual streams starting early next year. The platform had already received criticism for its low payments years before announcing the new compensation structure.


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