A month after making its premiere at Cannes, the new musical Annette has hit North America along with its star-studded soundtrack. With the majority written and recorded by art-pop duo Sparks, the Annette soundtrack is just as dynamic as the film that accompanies it — which is to say, these aren’t your mother’s show tunes. Stream it below via Apple Music or Spotify.

Annette stars Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard, who do most of their own singing across the bulk of the soundtrack. It spans 15 songs in total, including preview singles like “So May We Start” and “We Love Each Other So Much.” Considering the music that became the Annette soundtrack was originally conceptualized as the next Sparks album, fans of the band will recognize their trademark idiosyncratic and theatrical approach to songwriting.

Annette, which is in theaters now, isn’t the only movie Sparks are featured in this summer; a new documentary called on the band titled The Sparks Brothers was released in June. The duo is also headed on a North American tour in spring 2022.


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Annette Artowork:sparks releases annette soundtrack featuring marion cotillard and adam driver

Annette Tracklist:
01. So May We Start (feat. Marion Cotillard, Adam Driver)
02. True Love Always Finds a Way (feat. Marion Cotillard feat. Marion Cotillard, Adam Driver)
03. We Love Each Other So Much (feat. Marion Cotillard, Adam Driver)
04. I’m an Accompanist (feat. Simon Helberg)
05. Aria (The Forest) (feat. Marion Cotillard, Catherine Trottmann)
06. She’s Out of This World! (feat. Marion Cotillard, Adam Driver)
07. Six Women Have Come Forward (feat. Six Women)
08. You Used to Laugh (feat. Adam Driver)
09. Girl From the Middle of Nowhere (feat. Marion Cotillard)
10. Let’s Waltz in the Storm! (feat. Marion Cotillard, Adam Driver)
11. We’ve Washed Ashore/Baby Aria (The Moon)/I Will Haunt You, Henry (feat. Marion Cotillard, Adam Driver, Hebe Griffiths)
12. Premiere Performance of Baby Annette (feat. Adam Driver, Wim Opbrouck)
13. All the Girls (feat. Adam Driver)
14. Stepping Back in Time (feat. Marion Cotillard, Adam Driver, Catherine Trottmann)
15. Sympathy for the Abyss (feat. Adam Driver, Devyn McDowell)



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