Looking back at the last decade of electronic music, arguably no one has come close to the impact and influence that Skrillex has had. It’s been a hot minute since we’ve gotten any new Skrillex music, and the new music rumors are always constant in regards to the legend. It seems as if this time, the news is much more than a rumor. 

Fellow legendary peer and collaborator Josh Pan took to Instagram live earlier this week and confirm that he does indeed have music dropping with Skrillex next Friday. Thanks to Reddit’s finest detectives, it seems like we’re getting treated to a repackaged version of Josh Pan’s previously released OWSLA record ‘Supersonic’. In the recent past, the song in question made its rounds around the festival circuits in 2019 as an unreleased Skrillex & Noisia remix of the record.

From the clues we’ve gathered, it seems as if this version of ‘Supersonic’ will add Skrillex & Noisia, truly making this quite the special collaboration. Check back here for more updates, if you find yourself not being able to wait, check out the live-ripped version of the record here

‘Skrillex’s Long-Awaited ‘Supersonic’ Track with Josh Pan is Dropping Next Friday

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