If you need a vacation, here’s an idea for you: Phish have announced today that they’ll be returning to Mexico early next year for the sixth installment of Phish: Riviera Maya, the jam band’s annual destination concert event. Hosted at the luxurious Moon Palace Cancún, the all-inclusive vacation will go down from February 23rd through the 26th, 2023.

Though we wouldn’t blame you for getting distracted by Mexico’s Caribbean coastline, the main attractions at Riviera Maya are the nightly Phish shows — that’s four total. Additionally, fans will get treated with curated daytime pool parties and late night DJ sets to keep the musical festivities going around the clock.

While there will be plenty of on-site activities to keep fans busy, attendees at Riviera Maya are also encouraged to explore the Yucatan Peninsula through excursions like diving in underground cenotes, and sailing on luxury catamarans, while you’ll also have the opportunity to soak up the rich Mayan culture by visiting the ancient capital of Chichen Itza. What’s more, Riviera Maya is committed to keeping their carbon footprint low by establishing a single-use plastic-free concert area, while also sorting waste and diverting it from landfills.


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General onsale for all-inclusive Riviera Maya packages begins July 13th at 1:00 p.m. ET. Returning guests will have exclusive access to Alumni Pre-Sale, which begins July 12th at 1:00 PM ET. Tickets will be available over at Phish’s website.

If you can’t get to Mexico — or you just need more live Phish — you can also check out the band on their annual tour this summer. Tickets for those gigs are available over at Ticketmaster. Back in March, frontman Trey Anastasio also shared his first solo album Mercy.


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