Following the wave of genre-defying artists comes Autograf with their groundbreaking sophomore album, “Affirmations.” Autograf proves yet again why they’re one of the frontrunners in the audacious game of musical experimentation. The title track, “Affirmations,” demonstrates their mastery in blending deep house rhythms with ethereal, melodic overlays. The track not only stands as a testament to their expertise but also reinforces the album’s theme of positivity and self-assurance.

Always known for their innovative approach, Autograf’s “Affirmations” melds electronic beats with organic instrumental sounds, creating a truly authentic listening experience. The two producer’s demonstrate a masterful pop-oriented song writing prowess, while also paying homage to deep house with tracks like “La Petit Mort”, “Voodoo” and “Like This”.

Autograf releases “Affirmations” ahead of upcoming headlining shows in Houston, Austin, Kansas City, Chicago and San Diego. Be sure to check back here for any news on Autograf’s upcoming releases and be sure to stream “Affirmations on Spotify today.

‘LISTEN: Autograf Release Long-Awaited Sophomore Album “Affirmations”

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