Kilo Kish has shared a new song featuring Vince Staples. It’s called “New Tricks: Art, Aesthetics, and Money” and arrives today with a new visual. Kish said in a statement that the new track “was inspired by the old quote warning never to bite the hand that feeds you. And though it provides, I feel yanked around by the players, trends, and expectations of our age and industry. Ever-wanting to bite, question, and change.” Check it out below.

According to a press release, “New Tricks” will appear on Kilo Kish’s sophomore album American Gurl, due for release on March 25. The follow-up to 2016’s Reflections in Real Time will also include collaborations with Miguel and Jean Dawson.

Also today, Vince Staples is on Raveena’s new track “Secret.” Last year, the rapper released Vince Staples. Revisit Pitchfork’s 2017 feature “Vince Staples Is the Least Corny Man in America.”


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