Billy Joel recently likened Taylor Swift’s current level of popularity as akin to “the phenomenon of Beatlemania,” and it’s hard to disagree — especially after seeing scenes like the one that unfolded in Long Beach Island, New Jersey on Friday.

The singer, fresh off the first US leg of “The Eras Tour,” was reportedly in the area to attend producer Jack Antonoff and actress Margaret Qualley’s wedding. Once word got out of her presence, however, hordes of people congregated outside of the venue, hoping to get a glimpse of the singer. At one point, people chanted her name. Eventually, police showed up for crowd control.

Swift has certainly reaped the benefits of her immense fame: “The Eras Tour” is on pace to become the highest-grossing tour in music history, and with each new release she adds more and more records to her name.


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But even a person of Swift’s level of fame deserves some privacy, especially when she’s LITERALLY ATTENDING SOMEONE ELSE’S WEDDING. There were people outside shouting Swift’s name as Antonoff and Qualley celebrated their nuptials. I can’t even begin to imagine how uncomfortable it was to be inside.

At the peak of their fame, The Beatles withdrew from the public eve due to concerns over their personal safety and well-being. You can’t tell me that same thought hasn’t crossed Swift’s mind.


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