With a new surge in coronavirus cases occurring all across the U.S., it is looking a lot more likely that this year’s vacation season is going to be a bust. People will still take time off from work, but the likelihood of them traveling is pretty slim now. That does not mean your bottom line has to suffer. As a retailer, you can still sell all the latest designer sunglasses if you adapt your marketing strategies to current conditions.

To that effect, marketing the staycation concept could end up being your top-selling point for summer 2020. Think about it. What do people do on staycations? They cannot travel to their favorite destinations out of state or overseas, but they still want to fill up that time off with fun activities.

That means getting outside for many of us. Therein lies the marketing hook. Encourage people to get outside and get some exercise even while practicing safe social distancing. And just like they are being encouraged by local and state officials to protect themselves with facemasks, you can remind them to protect their eyes with new sunglasses.

Sitting by the Pool

A good demographic for you are those millennial families with backyard swimming pools. Encourage them to dream about a magical staycation spent poolside with a cold drink and a favorite book. Remind them of backyard cookouts and water balloon fights with the kids.

The pool can be the focal point of a great staycation. And where people are spending their days lounging next to the water, sunglasses are a necessity. So come up with some kind of promotion that can link your inventory with spending time at the pool.

A Week at the Beach

Not all of your customers have backyard swimming pools. No worries. Another excellent demographic for the summer staycation is those families who love the beach. These are families who make an effort to get to the beach at least once every weekend. With a week off from work, they will be going just about every day.

Sunglasses and the beach are synonymous. You can take advantage of the connection and come up with some sort of beach-themed promotion. Perhaps you can sell a pair of child’s sunglasses at half price for every beach-going adult who buys a pair at full price. Market it as a way to protect the entire family during their beach staycation.

Always Keep Things Positive

Regardless of how you decide to approach summer marketing, remember this one fundamental truth: it is important to always keep things positive. We have enough bad news coming at us every day. Your customers do not want to be reminded of that when they are making staycation plans.

Emphasize the positive aspects of staying home as a family. Talk about having more time to enjoy one another’s company rather than dealing with the stress of travel. Help your customers realize that staycations can be wonderful experiences more than capable of creating lifetime memories.

A positive marketing message will do a lot more to sell fashion sunglasses than a negative one. Your job, as a retailer, is to come up with every positive angle you can. Hit the right angles for the right demographics and your sales will respond.

Summer 2020 is going to be unlike any other summer we have experienced over the last decade or so. Coronavirus will see to that. But there are still plenty of positive things to talk about, including the staycation concept. The staycation could turn out to be your best-selling point of the year.

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