High-quality designer sunglasses come in a variety of shapes. Among the classics are aviators and wayfarers. It seems to us that retailers would want to stock an ample supply of classic shapes simply because they are always in demand. And still, it is also a good idea to spice things up with different shapes every now and again.

We cannot tell you that because we do not know who you sell to. But we can give you some suggestions. Here are three interesting shapes you might consider adding to your inventory:

1. Shield

The shield shape looks a lot like a cross between ski goggles and oversized sunglasses. As the name suggests, they offer quite a bit of coverage. Their signature is their size. Shield sunglasses are intentionally made to cover everything from just above the eyebrows to just below the cheekbones. They are oversized in every sense of the word.

We offer some shield sunglasses with flat lenses and frames. Others are more of a wraparound design, adding extra protection on the sides of the face. And of course, shield sunglasses, come in a variety of colors and styles. There are plenty of choices to work with. We recommend one or two unisex models along with one or two each for men and women.

2. Butterfly

You don’t see the butterfly shape as often these days. Back in the 1960s and 70s though, they were all the rage. Butterfly sunglasses take their name from a shape that somewhat resembles butterfly wings. However, as with most things in designer sunglasses, there is a lot of flexibility here.

For example, one of our butterfly models boasts a shape that looks more trapezoidal than anything else. We have a Giselle pair that looks like a cross between butterflies and cat eyes. The one distinguishing feature of all butterfly sunglasses is a rectangular foundation. In other words, the lenses are more rectangular than square or circular.

It is a bit difficult to explain what this shape looks like. So perhaps a better suggestion is to invite you to check out our butterfly inventory.

3. Round Cat Eyes

Our third suggestion is a shape that should sell very well: the round cat eye. What does it look like? Take a classic pair of cat eyes and round the lower edge of the frames. You get what appears to be a teardrop shape with a flat edge on top. The entire line around the lens culminates at a pointed tip on the outside.

Strangely enough, this shape reminds people of Si and Am, the two Siamese cats from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. It’s strange because the Disney cats’ eyes are not rounded. Perhaps it is the very distinct corners that make the association. At any rate, rounded cat eyes are very classy and modern.

You are always going to sell a lot of traditional aviators and wayfarers. Rectangles and ovals generally do well too. But every once in a while, it helps to mix things up a bit with unusual shapes you don’t always carry. Hopefully we’ve given you three ideas to spark your imagination. Add some new shapes to your inventory and see what happens. You might attract a whole new group of customers.

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