Wholesale sunglasses are not something people buy on impulse. As a distributor of men’s and women’s wholesale sunglasses, we are fully aware that our customers plan their purchases. But things are different for retailers. In the retail setting, a good portion of sales are attributable to impulse buyers who see a nice pair of sunglasses and buy them.

Are you an eyewear retailer? If so, a certain portion of your marketing efforts should target impulse buyers. The key here is urgency. When people buy on impulse, it is because they decide they want the product in question, right then and there. They don’t want to go home and think about it. They do not want to revisit things later on. They have an itch, and they want to scratch it.

Impulse Marketing Starts with Displays

Selling sunglasses to impulse buyers involves marketing to them at the point of sale. Call it impulse marketing, if you will. The foundation of any successful impulse marketing campaign is product display. People need to see your sunglasses before they feel that sense of urgency.

Be creative with your product displays. Show off your sunglasses in a way that is attractive to buyers. We are thinking about bright colors, allusions to fun activities, promotional graphics, etc. Also, make a point of locating displays in prominent areas within your retail space. Your customers shouldn’t have to go searching for fantastic men’s, women’s, and children’s sunglasses.

Persuasive Language Helps A Lot

A creative display may not be enough to hook impulse buyers still on the fence. So to push them over to your side, consider using persuasive language in your promotional materials. Phrases like ‘limited time offer’ and ‘these prices won’t last’ tell fence-sitters they need to make a choice.

The one caveat to persuasive language is being truthful. If you are going to use a phrase like ‘limited time offer’, then run an appropriate promotion along with it. Do not use the phrase for 12 months running. Otherwise, people will figure out that your offer wasn’t limited after all.

Throw in Those Discounts and Promos

Nothing enhances impulse marketing quite like discounts and promotions. Likewise, few things create a sense of urgency as effectively as the possibility of losing out on a special offer by waiting too long. Think about it. Think about that core group of buyers who routinely purchase things just because they can get a good deal on them.

Maybe you are offering a special spring discount on children’s sunglasses. Some of your customers will walk into your store with no intention of buying a pair for their kids. But they might change their minds if they see a creative display supported by a special spring promo that will end with the start of summer.

One of the big things that come to mind here is the buy one, get one (BOGO) deal. People love BOGOs. Combine both a BOGO and a discount and you have a sure winner for impulse buyers.

Remind Buyers About UV Rays

Finally, there is nothing wrong with reminding impulse buyers of the dangers of UV rays. They need to know what they are up against just as much as any other potential buyer. Devote a portion of your display to briefly explain UV rays and how sunglasses protect against them.

As a seller of designer sunglasses, you have a product that is perfect for impulse sales. Take advantage of that by coming up with ways to reach impulse buyers. If you can create a sense of urgency, impulse buyers will respond. That is exactly what you want them to do.

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