Rising producer Kasi Opi has returned with a must-hear new single in ‘F.O.M.O.’ featuring vocalist Jake Neumar. As you’ll hear below, this tune is nothing short of a delectable dance-pop anthem perfect for the summertime: from Neumar’s relatable vocals to Kasi Opi’s captivating production, this track is a hit and especially an anthem for anyone who has ever questioned their life decisions (which is essentially all of us, let’s be honest). Stream the catchy single via Spotify below and read what the producer himself has to say about the inspiration behind this record.

“This song reflects on my whole move to Brooklyn. A big reason for moving away was to live for myself and set my own boundaries. Quarantine allowed me to really reflect on what I want to do with my life and the people I surround myself with. Makes you wonder…do we surround ourselves with people just cus of fomo?”

Kasi Opi – F.O.M.O. | Stream


‘LISTEN: Kasi Opi Unleashes Catchy New “F.O.M.O.” Single featuring Jake Neumar

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