Dee Snider has contracted COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated. The legendary Twisted Sister singer took to Twitter to share the unfortunate news, blaming a recent trip by other members of his family to a Disney theme park.

“I … got COVID in spite of the fact that I’m fully vaccinated,” Snider told Ultimate Classic Rock. “It happened a few days ago. This is about day five. It was really minor, like, nothing that Advil and Sudafed [couldn’t handle].”

He added, “I won’t say that I had no effects. It was a little aches and pains, a little stuffiness. But like I said, a Sudafed and a couple of Advil and I was just doing everything, business as usual. You know, I said, ‘Maybe I’ll get tested just for the hell of it.’ I got a home test and I’m like, ‘What the f**k?’”


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Snider seems convinced that he got the virus after his wife returned home from a Disney trip with their grandkids, pointing out the lack of COVID protocols and safety requirements (social distancing, masking, testing, etc.) at the theme park — measures Disney had insisted would be in place prior to Snider purchasing tickets.

It remains unclear if his family attended Disneyland (in California) or Disney World (in Florida), as he uses both interchangeably in the interview and subsequent tweets.

“My wife decided [to take the grandkids] to Disney World,” Snider explained. “She looks online – reservations only, limited [number of] people in, social distancing, masks, must be vaccinated, if not vaccinated, must be tested.”


“So, okay, great. She gets all of the tickets, $1,000 worth of tickets and goes there. No one checks vaccination, no one checks tests. No one’s enforcing masks. It’s packed and they’re all in lines waiting for an hour.”

He continued, “They came back and brought it back with them. There was zero enforcement. And then, you know, once you’re through that gate. They say, ‘Well, why would you take your kids there?’ They’re through the gate and the kids are just running for f**kin’ Minnie Mouse, and it’s non-refundable. They don’t give you a thousand bucks back for all of the tickets you bought. It’s like, ‘C’mon grandkids’ — they’ll be hating Grandma for the rest of their lives.”

As a warning to his fans, Snider took to Twitter to tell everyone to avoid the Disney parks: “WARNING!! While online & publicly @Disneyland claims strict enforcement of Covid protocols, AT THE PARK THEY ARE DOING NOTHING TO ENFORCE OR PROTECT PEOPLE! My wife & daughter took our grandkids to the park last week & BROUGHT COVID INTO OUR HOME!! STAY AWAY FROM DISNEY!!”


He also credits being vaccinated with preventing him from getting really sick, tweeting, “FOR ALL WHO READ I GOT COVID… I’m fully vaccinated so my symptoms were minor. Advil and Sudafed totally managed them. Didn’t miss a beat business wise (did 10 interviews on first day I got it). All symptoms gone in three days. I feel totally fine now. GET THE DAMN VACCINATION!”

Snider is set to release his new solo album, Leave a Scar, on Friday (July 30th). To celebrate the occasion, he’ll be premiering a streaming performance beginning tonight (July 29th). The concert was filmed in front of a live audience back in June in New York.

See Snider’s tweets regarding COVID and Disney theme parks below.

Editor’s Note: Heavy Consequence has reached out to Dee Snider’s publicist for clarification as to whether he meant Disney World or Disneyland.



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