Watch out Archie, The Powerpuff Girls are making the live-action leap. According to Variety, The CW has ordered a pilot of the much-hyped adaptation from writers and executive producers Heather Regnier and Diablo Cody.

Based on the Cartoon Network series by Craig McCracken, the new series will shift away from and kids and instead follow the titular twentysomethings who are a little more than peeved that they’ve spent their entire childhoods fighting crime.

That logline just screams The CW, but also of Cody, whose writing in Juno, Jennifer’s Body, and the incredible Young Adult speaks to the kind of cynical edge this reimagining will no doubt require. For many, Cody is an immediate selling point.

But so is the intellectual property. Hell, the animated series ran for a whopping six seasons, amassing 78 episodes from 1998 to 2005. That’s all without mentioning the 2002 movie and the rebooted animated series from 2016.

It’s a fitting move for The CW, too, given that Supernatural reached the end of the road last Fall and those kids in Riverdale aren’t getting any younger. Having a Cody-led Powerpuff Girls is something of a coup when you think about it.

Here’s hoping Cody brings the sugar, the spice, and everything not-so-nice.


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