We have a contender for most adorable video of the year: Ozzy Osbourne’s 1-year-old granddaughter Maple repeatedly saying “Papa” and pointing to the screen as she watches the metal legend perform “Crazy Train” on TV.

The video was posted by Maple’s dad, Jack Osbourne, who is seen sitting with his baby daughter as she instantly recognizes her  grandpa in concert video playing on the television.

Maple’s reaction is priceless, as she keeps saying “Papa” while she points to the TV and pounds on the coffee table in pure delight. Jack, who also is all smiles as he watches his daughter, captioned the video, “Maple thinks she’s getting a private performance from Papa.”

A few celebs gushed over Maple in the comments, with Workaholics actor Adam Devine writing, “Incredible! Hahaha,” and Clerks star Jay Mewes remarking, “So cute!” Even death metal pioneers Possessed were overcome with the cuteness, weighing in with, “Very nice!”


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Maple is Jack’s first child with his new wife, Aree Gearhart. He also has three daughters with ex-wife Lisa Stelly.

Despite a myriad of health setbacks over the past five years, Ozzy recently said he plans on recording “one more album” in 2024, with hopes to return to the road.

Watch little Maple Osbourne go “crazy” for her grandfather in the Instagram clip below, and revisit our Cover Story interview with Ozzy here.


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