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The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: back from the dead, dubstep heavyweight Zomboy heads to his freshly minted Rott N’ Roll Records with Dead Man Walking Pt. 1 – and it’s a scorcher from beginning to end.

As the first EP to land on the budding imprint, Dead Man Walking witnesses Zomboy’s quintessential slaughterhouse of sound as well as some rarely-trekked sonic terrain. Though the bass is flowing throughout the entire EP, “Desperado” turned heads with a Zomboy’s unique spin on bass house. Remaining tracks “Last One Standing,” “Flatlined,” and “Dead Man Walking” get the party started with a splintering array of riotous synth beds and pulverizing basses. 

“‘Dead Man Walking Pt.1’ has so many levels of meaning to me. While it may be short, I feel the attention to detail is some of my best to date. It also marks the first major release of my very own label ‘Rott N’ Roll Records.’

Nothing helps me write music more than creating a big theoretical concept to work towards. In my head there is a deep underlying truth in this record, but for the sake of explanation… ‘Dead Man Walking Pt.1’ is the story of a man returning to a civilization he had once abandoned after helping them defeat a . common enemy (Rott N’ Roll Pt. 1 & 2).

If that goes over your head I don’t blame you, the stories are for me, the music is for you.

Thank you all for your undead support and I can’t wait to share this future with you all.”


Dead Man Walking is reminiscent of Zomboy’s earlier works while barreling toward a new and unseen era of greatness for the UK producer. If forthcoming Rott N’ Roll releases are anything like this one, we’re in for quite the wild ride. Stream Dead Man Walking wherever you find your sounds, or listen below!

‘LISTEN: Zomboy Rises From the Grave with ’Dead Man Walking’ EP on Rott N‘ Roll

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