Damon Albarn has always been a virtual pop star thanks to his work in Gorillaz, but it looks like he’s now gone viral for an entirely different reason. On Saturday night, the Blur singer was one of many artists to play at Glastonbury’s Live at Worthy Farm livestream. Instead of being smitten with his stacked setlist, though, fans were more taken by the debut of his brand new mullet.

Albarn was one of several high-profile artists who performed at the Live at Worthy Farm concert alongside acts like Coldplay, HAIM, Jarvis Cocker, and Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood’s new band The Smile. He treated viewers to some genuinely great songs for the event, like “Out of Time” and “On Melancholy Hill”, but nothing stole the show quite like his unexpected haircut. Mullets are generally frowned upon, if not outright teased, but it seems like the pandemic softened people’s opinions on it because most everyone online seemed to believe it was a good fit for him.

“I know everyone’s watching Eurovision, but, seriously, over on the Glastonbury livestream, Damon Albarn has a mullet,” tweeted Sunday Times writer Jonathan Dean. “It’s very lockdown dad. Relatable. He is basically Super Hans.”

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Other viewers credited Albarn as “single-handedly bringing back the mullet and 70’s truck driver look” and lulling them back to sleep after a restless bout of insomnia. Of course, there were still plenty of people who couldn’t resist a good joke at the musician’s expense. “I just know Damon cuts his mullet with those zig zag craft scissors,” tweeted one user.

Throughout the pandemic, Albarn has been very eager to get back to live shows, so it’s no wonder why he looked so blissed out during his virtual Glastonbury set. Luckily, his lockdown hasn’t been all boredom and wasted space. Albarn spent the past months recording a new remix for Paul McCartney, a collaborative single with Poté, and even helping out with a posthumous record by Tony Allen. Who’s to say how much work was done on that upcoming Gorillaz movie during this time, too.


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