Consequence and CREATV University’s new partnership series is here to help demystify the puzzle of the entertainment, media, and tech industries. Today, we’re launching the second topic in our collection of instructional videos, Tech and Entertainment, with four new videos from some of the industry’s most valuable players.

From the rise of E-Sports to NFT’s, to virtual reality experiences and everything in between, technology in entertainment is (virtually) unescapable. With each year comes new innovations that reframe the way we consume our favorite content, allowing us to have more personalized, intimate experiences with the entertainment we love.

For this week’s set of CREATV University videos, we’re sharing four clips from leading tech entrepreneurs and experts to help break down the latest developments and changes in tech and entertainment. In these videos, you’ll learn about the rise of NFTs, synthetic media, TikTok algorithms, and the link between E-Sports and pop culture.

Below, check out clips featuring YouTube brand strategist Nick Selz, Founding General Partner of BitKraft and E-Sports expert Scott Rupp, music tech entrepreneur and pioneer Benji Rogers, and Synthesia CEO Victor Riparbelli. Then come back to Consequence each week for more insider info from CREATV University.


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