It’s finally here. You’ve set the date for when your long distance significant other will finally pay you a visit! Time to start planning what you two will be up to.

Chances are, you will wind up at your place. Whether it’s just for a rest, or a nightcap, or something… up close and personal, your place needs to uphold the romantic atmosphere of the date until the very end.

Here are the best tips on how to create a romantic atmosphere at your place, even if “your place” is a room in a shared house. There’s not one “right” way to do this, of course, so pick what appeals to you. Just remember to consider what your partner may like, too, while you’re giving you room a romantic makeover. And have fun.

Clean up

First things first, you’ll need a clean room to work with. Dust and clutter don’t exactly inspire a romantic mood.

After vacuuming the floors, sweep the surfaces with a microfiber cloth to get rid of dust. Next, put all your things into their rightful places. As for the clutter that doesn’t really belong anywhere, place it in these handy storage boxes. You can keep them on display, hide them under your bed, or find a place for them on a bookshelf.


Have you noticed that the most butterfly-inducing romantic moments in movies take place in low, dimmed lighting? “Butterfly-inducing” is what we’re aiming for in your room as well.

There are several ways to create this effect. You could invest in good low-wattage light bulbs like these ones or simply throw a scarf over a lampshade in your room.

If you want to set a more spicy mood go for lots of tea light candles (or for smaller spaces, battery-powered tea lights scattered across the room.

For a more soft and lighthearted atmosphere look no further than fairy lights. Hang these behind tulle curtains or bed canopy in your room.

You can also hang them on the wall near your bed. Even better, combine them with these quality faux flowers for a guaranteed romantic atmosphere.

By the way, if you are meeting your long-distance partner during the day, you can still up the romance counter by hanging thick drapes over the windows and then using the ideas above.


Unless you’re planning on watching a movie together, soft
music in the background is a must. It can set the mood, help you relax, and
even bring a wave of nostalgia for when you first met.

You’ll want the music to have a more nuanced, enveloping effect than it just blaring from your phone. So getting a good wireless speaker is a must.

This little guy is a solid choice if you want a simple wireless speaker that does its job well. Crystal clear sound, wide range, and surprisingly loud, it wins on all fronts.

If you want to keep in line with the romantic aesthetic even when it comes to the looks of your wireless speaker, this is the one. Small and discreet with rose gold finish, it can be paired up with anything – from an iPhone to a micro SD card or an MP3 player.

Maybe, you’ve been dreaming of starting your own unique vinyl collection for a while now. Find a few records that remind you of your long-distance significant other and pair them up with this retro player. Plus, a crackling sound of a thoughtfully hand-picked record filling a dimly lit room just screams “romance”.

Pretty up the walls

If you tend to think of your room as ‘lacking warmth’ or
’empty’ this might be the case of having too much negative space on the walls.
You don’t want this thought lingering in the back of your date’s head either.

For a quick fix and a romantic atmosphere, you can go for simple art prints that match the aesthetic of your room.

You can hang a tapestry or print on the wall to conceal bareness (or cracks, stains, and unfortunate wallpaper choices in a rented place). Plus, it will also introduce more texture (just like the stencil below) which does wonders for softening and warming up the whole interior look.

Reserve a day (or even a short afternoon) to create a beautiful accent wall in your room. For a romantic touch, include warm colors like coral, maroon, rose, or terracotta into your project. Plus, bringing an accent wall to life can be a fun activity to help calm your anxiety before your long-awaited date.

A quick word of advice, while putting up pictures of your friends and family is a cute idea, it might not work well with setting up a romantic mood. Do you really want to make eye contact with a picture of your mom while you and your date are getting hot and heavy? Don’t think so.


High-quality textiles are a must in bringing a romantic sensual atmosphere in your room. High-thread linens, soft throws, heavy blankets will all serve to please your sense of touch. Don’t you just want to wrap yourself in the blanket above?

Apart from that, textiles are generally recognized as a sure-fire way to soften the look of the interior. Stick to a similar color scheme throughout the room but don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and materials. A chunky knit throw will create a stunning contrast with other textiles in your surroundings.

If you’re not up for a complete overhaul of your linens closet, stick to the bare minimum – a nice bedding set. Since we’re going for romance, it’s better to get one without patterns and rely more on rich warm colors like burgundy, terracotta, copper and so on.

Room dividers and bed canopies

There are several reasons to get a room divider in order to create a sense of romance in the room.

First, it can help you hide a part of the room that just doesn’t work with the romantic vibe. Maybe it’s an old radiator or your desk that houses an artistic mess of things you have nowhere else to put.

Second, it can give you two a sense of privacy in a room if you’re sharing your living space with a roommate. It is also easier to create a sensual atmosphere in smaller areas. A room divider can help you set up a little nook for just the two of you in a larger space.

As for bed canopies, they serve the same purpose – creating a private and enveloping atmosphere in your bedroom. Tulle or any other light material will do a wonderful job of turning your ordinary bed into a refined romantic spot.


When creating a romantic atmosphere, the key is to please all
your senses, including your sense of smell. So once you’ve taken care of
everything else, it’s time to let love fill the air.

Scented candles are the best starting point since they also look incredibly romantic in a dark room.

If you want the scent of your choice to quickly spread across the room before the meeting, go for a plug-in air freshener. It does its job a lot faster than a scented candle and you still get a lot of fragrances to choose from. Don’t leave it on for too long, though, or the smell will become too overwhelming.

For a more DIY approach, you can simmer potpourri in a pot for a delicate flowery smell. If you’re meeting your long-distance significant other in winter, this hack will also help warm up the room.

As for what smell to choose, floral scents like rose, jasmine, cherry blossom, or honeysuckle are generally considered to inspire romance. Additionally, men are thought to be attracted to sweeter smells like vanilla or orange. So if you can’t make a decision, this might be your starting point.

Small or big, minimalist or filled with knickknacks, any room
can be transformed into a romantic intimate place for a long distance couple.
Do you have any ideas to share from your own experience?

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