It is an annual rite of passage experienced every summer: losing a favorite pair of sunglasses. It happens every year. Your neighbor will spend a ton of money on a pair of high-end designer sunglasses from a company like Oakley, only to find himself in tears when they go missing. Meanwhile, your coworker will not realize how much she loves her Prada shades until she can’t find them.

We are all about wholesale sunglasses at inexpensive prices. We offer such low wholesale pricing so that you can turn around and pass the savings on to your customers. That way, losing a pair of shades will not be so traumatic. And lose them they will. It is just something people do.

Here’s how your customers will lose their sunglasses this summer:

Dropping Them in the Water

The summer season is water season. It is the time of year when people head off to the beach, go sailing, and spend time lounging around the pool. It’s also when anglers get back to fishing and surfers return to the waves. It all adds up to one thing: dropping those expensive designer sunglasses into the water.

Here’s the thing: some designer sunglasses float; most do not. Whether you are talking cat eyes, round sunglasses, rectangles or squares, a pair of sunglasses dropped in the ocean will quickly find its way to Davey Jones’ locker.

Leaving Them in the Car

If it’s not the water that gets their sunglasses, it is the car. What’s interesting is that people leave their sunglasses in cars other than their own. You might have done it yourself. You are riding with a friend to a concert or a game. You leave your sunglasses in the glovebox and promptly forget about them. You don’t remember until blinding sunshine penetrates your eyes. But by then, it’s too late.

An Animal Eats Them

Believe it or not, animals have been known to eat sunglasses right along with a whole bunch of other trash. That is unfortunate. Still, some of your customers will be paying a visit to the zoo this summer. They will lean over an enclosure and, while taking a picture, drop their sunglasses. That could be it. They will not be seen again until the zookeeper is inspecting and cleaning up waste.

Setting Them on a Counter

How many times have you done the following: set your designer sunglasses down on a counter while you grab your phone or pay for something with a credit card. In the midst of whatever transaction you are engaged, the fact that you set your sunglasses down completely escapes your mind. You walk out the door without giving them a second thought.

Loaning Them to a Friend

Sometimes, sunglasses can be like pens. You loan them out and they never come back. Even worse, trying to get your sunglasses back from a friend who denies having ever used them is enough to make you crazy. You begin wondering which of the two of you has lost their mind.

Plan on people coming to you for new sunglasses because they have lost their old pair. They will be expecting you to have all the latest styles and colors at reasonable prices. Here’s hoping you are ready to deliver. If not, Olympic Eyewear has you covered.

We are a bulk supplier of sunglasses for men, women, and children. We offer more than two dozen brands we are confident your customers will appreciate. Please feel free to browse our entire inventory while you’re here. When you are ready to order, we will take care of you.

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