In December 2020 we published a blog post challenging readers to consider blogging about sunglasses in 2021. The point is to increase online traffic and boost sales. Blogging is a particularly good tool for doing just that. However, like anything in business, there are tips for writing blog posts that achieve maximum results. That’s what this post is about.

We don’t want to encourage you to blog about sunglasses and then just leave it at that. We want to help you sell more, so we are following up that post with solid tips for writing productive posts. Whether you want to focus on designer sunglasses, cheap sunglasses for kids, or something else entirely, how you write will determine your effectiveness.

Tip #1: Write to Your Audience

The biggest mistake business owners make is writing blog posts that only interest them. As a retailer of designer sunglasses, what interests you may or may not be interesting to your customers. So don’t write for yourself. Write for your audience. Better yet, write to your audience.

What demographic makes up the bulk of your customers? Perhaps it is middle-class millennials. That’s fine. Write on topics they care about. Write using the language they use. Throw in a few pop-culture references they will understand. This is how you’ll win them over.

Tip #2: Be Selective About Keywords

Keywords are still the primary tool search engines use to rank web pages. As such, one of the secrets to driving traffic is choosing the right keywords. Be selective. There are a number of free keyword research tools available online, tools that can help you select the most desirable keywords for your niche. Look for keywords that get a fair amount of traffic but are not highly competitive among retailers.

Tip #3: Use Keywords Selectively

Hand-in-hand with being selective about your keywords is using them selectively. In other words, do not stuff your content with your chosen keywords. If you are focusing on ‘wayfarer sunglasses’ for example, include the phrase 3 to 4 times in a post of between 600 and 1,000 words. Be sure to use the phrase naturally. And finally, include it in your title. Incidentally, the chosen long tail keyword for this post is ‘blogging about sunglasses’.

Tip #4: Offer Usable Information

Each of your blog posts should have a point. Moreover, that point should relate to some sort of usable information. You might write a blog post explaining how to properly clean an expensive pair of designer shades. You might write another post to introduce a new line of sunglasses you just added to your inventory. The goal here is to produce content your readers can do something with. They should never walk away thinking they wasted their time reading your content.

Tip #5: Don’t Ramble On

Our final tip relates to the length of your blog posts. Conventional thinking suggests that longer is better. However, length becomes irrelevant if you are rambling on simply to add words and take up space. Be advised that modern search engines are sophisticated enough to pick up on that.

Avoid the temptation of obsessing over length. Shoot for somewhere between six hundred words at minimum and 1200 words at maximum. Anywhere between those two numbers is good, as long as you are making solid points and not filling your post with fluff. If you get to 1200 words and still have more to say, consider splitting the information into two posts.

Blogging about sunglasses is a good way to increase interest in your business and products. With the right methods and enough practice, you can become an expert blogger.

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