Regular readers of our blog know that we publish new posts of this type about twice per month. Some months we might get ambitious and publish more. The point is that we keep our blog updated with new content on a regular basis. We do this for two reasons: to keep search engines happy and to give our customers a reason to visit our site at least a couple of times per month.

Are you blogging about sunglasses? If you are, we encourage you to keep it up. If you are not, perhaps you could make doing so one of your marketing goals for 2021. Blogging about sunglasses is one of the most effective ways to take advantage of the internet for marketing purposes. Keep reading to learn why.

Search Engines and Keywords

The internet is built on millions of pages of content. The vast majority of that content is written, though videos are also pretty substantial these days. At any rate, one of your goals ought to be that of directing people to your website for the first time. The most effective way to do that is to guarantee they find your site on the first page of search engine results when they search a given term.

We did a little keyword research before producing this post. We researched the phrase ‘designer sunglasses’ and discovered that the two most popular long-tail keywords for this phrase – among both Amazon shoppers and Google searchers – were ‘designer sunglasses for women’ and ‘designer sunglasses from men’.

What does that mean? It means that tons of people are specifically looking for designer sunglasses for men or women when they type that simple phrase into Google or the Amazon search engine. The long tail versions of the keywords can be utilized in your blog posts to attract attention.

Write About Designer Sunglasses

A good way to improve search engine results for your site is to actually write about designer sunglasses. Do not write generically, either. Write targeted posts that mention the kinds of details your customers are interested in. For example, perhaps your customers appreciate two or three of our Olympic brands more than the rest. Write some posts about those brands. Discuss styling, pricing, quality, etc.

You can also write posts related to designer sunglasses but not necessarily talk about them directly. A good example is a post that discusses how to keep designer sunglasses clean. The point is that you are looking for opportunities to use the phrases ‘designer sunglasses for women’ and ‘designer sunglasses for men’.

Of course, you don’t want to stuff your blog posts with your chosen keywords either. The goal is not to use the keywords as many times as possible. Rather, it is to use them naturally and within the context of your post. You can also use variations of your original keywords. Google actually loves that.

Meaningful Content for Customers

Improving search engine results is only half the equation. We also recommend blogging about sunglasses because doing so creates meaningful content for your customers. If you are writing about things that interest them, your customers will have a reason to return to your site. That’s what you want. The more repeat customers you have, the stronger your business will be.

We make regular use of blog posts – and even guest posts, too – because we know they work. If you are not yet blogging about sunglasses, why not make that a new goal for 2021? Plan on publishing between two and four posts per month. And if you need help, working with a professional writer is worth the financial investment.

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