The 2020 holiday shopping season wasn’t so kind to retailers. By extension, it wasn’t kind to wholesalers either. But things are looking up for 2021. That is good, because the holiday shopping season is just around the corner. If you are not yet thinking about holiday sales promotions, it is time to get cracking. Thanksgiving will be here in just a few short weeks. After that, it’s all hands on deck.

We appreciate that the retailers who buy wholesale designer sunglasses from us are extremely creative in their marketing efforts. We have had the privilege of seeing some of their ideas over the years. This year, we would like to help by offering some suggestions of our own. So here are five holiday sales promotions to start thinking about. If they work for you, great.

1. Stocking-Stuffer Promotion

It is no secret that buying gifts for some people is difficult. Main gift ideas are challenging enough, but what about stocking-stuffers? We started thinking about it and realized just how easily a new pair of sunglasses slides into a stocking. You can take advantage of it with a stocking-stuffer promotion.

One possible idea is to offer a small gift that can be paired with new sunglasses as a stocking-stuffer. Perhaps you could offer a coupon code toward the purchase of another pair. Or you could include an extra accessory – like a neck strap or a soft-shell case. The point is to offer some sort of gift to fill empty stocking space.

2. Secret Santa Promotion

All over the country, workplaces and clubs will be doing secret Santa programs again this year. Our discounted designer sunglasses make great secret Santa gifts because they are both practical and affordable. Maybe you could do a secret Santa promotion that includes a discounted price. The better you can do for your customers on price, the happier they will be to give your sunglasses as secret Santa gifts.

3. Christmas BOGO Sale

You can never go wrong with a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) offer. BOGOs always work well at Christmas time for the simple fact that consumers are looking for deals. You can even combine a BOGO with a stocking-stuffer or secret Santa promotion. Your customer buys one pair of designer sunglasses for themself and another pair as a stocking-stuffer or secret Santa gift.

4. Advent Calendar Giveaway

If you operate a brick-and-mortar location, a good way to get traffic in the door is to offer a giveaway. The holiday shopping season is wrought with possibilities, including a daily Advent calendar promotion. How would it work? You could start by obtaining an Advent calendar with different compartments to open each day.

After that, you could pick some random numbers that designate who would get to open the calendar on each particular day. One day you might award the opportunity to the 20th visitor. The next day it might go to the 10th visitor. Either way, opening the calendar reveals a special gift that goes to that customer.

5. End-of-Year Promotion

As the calendar works its way toward mid-December, you can begin an end-of-year promotion to close things out. A typical end-of-year promotion is designed to close out the business year and sell all the remaining 2021 inventory. Customers are never surprised by these types of sales. In fact, some even wait for them to do their Christmas shopping.

The holiday shopping season is fast approaching. If you have not started thinking about this year’s promotions, it is time to get busy. Hopefully, you can use some of the ideas proposed in this post.

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