If you’ve been in this business for any length of time you know that designer sunglasses are very trendy. Wayfarers and aviators are always in demand. Sports sunglasses sell pretty consistently from one year to the next. But every year has its trends. This year, and particularly for the summer, Barbie seems to be the hot thing.

So what exactly are Barbie sunglasses anyway? That depends on who you ask – and where you shop. There are two ways to look at Barbie sunglasses: cheap toys for 12-inch dolls and real sunglasses for real kids and adults. We will not spend a lot of time looking at the former simply because we don’t deal in toys. But a cursory look is worthwhile.

Sunglasses for Dolls

Run a Google search on Barbie sunglasses and the first several results will point you to Amazon. Pop on over to the world’s largest retail site and you’ll find dozens of listings pertaining to small sunglasses for children’s dolls. They are pretty cheap, too.

Obviously, we are not talking designer sunglasses from high-end brands. We’re not talking polarized sunglasses or shades offering UV 400 protection. They are toys. The reason for mentioning this is that there is no official Barbie style for adults and children. Barbie sunglasses are just sunglasses that look like something Barbie would wear.

Barbie Sunglasses for Real People

Getting back to real sunglasses for real people, Barbie sunglasses are a designer trend created to capitalize on the Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie. The Greta Gerwig film has been in the works since 2009, so it’s been a long time coming.

The film is obviously based on the Mattel toy created way back in 1959. Right there is a clue about what Barbie sunglasses actually are. Picture a 1960s high-fashion woman out on the town in Southern California. What would she be wearing on her face? In all likelihood, a pair of brightly colored cat eye sunglasses.

There is the secret. Barbie sunglasses don’t have to be a particular style per se, but they are almost always going to be cat eyes. They most likely won’t be in black or dark brown, either. Remember that Barbie loves color. Think white, yellow, blue, and even bright pink.

Different Variations of Cat Eye Sunglasses

Also bear in mind that cat eye sunglasses are not a single shape and style. There are many variations. Some are smaller and tighter with very narrow lenses. Others are larger and a bit oversized. And of course, you have everything in between.

We have seen cat eyes that looked more like a cross between genuine cat eyes and wayfarers. We’ve seen others that looked more like teardrops. Classic cat eyes look exactly like models out of the 1950s and 60s. But there are modern interpretations. You know the drill if you’ve been in the designer sunglasses game for a while.

It’s the Trend of the Summer

Regardless of all the variations, the important thing here is that Barbie sunglasses will be the summer trend. Expect it to continue into early fall as well. The movie is set to premier just three days from the date this post was written (on July 9, 2023) and we expect demand for Barbie sunglasses to increase immediately thereafter.

You might want to beef up your inventory as soon as you can. At least get yourself through summer. Order a nice selection of cat eyes in the brightest summer colors. They look to be among the hottest choices for adult ladies, teen girls, and the age-appropriate Barbie crowd from toddlers right up to junior high. Be ready for it.

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