Wholesale sunglasses seem like a rather uninteresting business to be involved in. But we have discovered that business is whatever you make it. Turning bulk sunglasses into a product that retailers like means stocking your shelves is an exciting endeavor – partly because of the sunglasses, but mostly because of the challenge!

With that in mind, we invite you to consider the following statement: 2021 is the year to try everything. This is the year to grow your brand and increase your customer base in ways you never thought possible. But to do that, you have to think big. You have to be willing to take chances and try things you’ve never tried before.

All of the greats succeeded because they didn’t stop trying. Yet very few of them succeeded on the first try. If you don’t buy it, just read up on your favorite business executives. You’ll find that most of them tried a long list of things before they hit on the winner. The best among them still keep trying new things.

A Lot of Competition

There is a reason we are suggesting that you be willing to try everything this year. That reason is the competition. Take a brief moment and search the news relating to sunglasses. You are going to discover that everyone and his brother has a spring sale going on. Even outlets that do not normally sell discount sunglasses are offering great spring pricing.

You may have already begun planning your own spring sale. That’s great. The fact that you can buy bulk sunglasses from us at pretty reasonable prices gives you room to offer your own discounts as needed. Just know that pricing alone may not be enough right now.

You may have to come up with a unique marketing plan that grabs your customers’ attention and prevents them from being distracted by the competition. Perhaps this is the year to take your business out of the store and into the streets by getting involved in local festivals and similar events. Maybe this is the year to open up a booth down at the local flea market.

Rest assured that the competition isn’t sleeping. Everyone else selling designer sunglasses is searching for creative ways to win your customers.

Talk to Your Customers

Please do not misunderstand the point of this post. The ‘try everything’ mentality is not one of reckless abandon. You can adopt the mindset without jeopardizing your company’s health. The key is talking to your customers as though they were your friends. Maybe some of them are your friends.

Retail is all about finding a need and meeting it. You have found a need in designer sunglasses. Again, that’s great. But are there other needs you haven’t met? In all likelihood, yes. Customers will fill you in on those needs if you just ask them.

Perhaps you have customers who love your brand but don’t feel you offer enough selections for children. That’s an indication that you should probably start thinking about expanding your kids’ sunglasses. Maybe you have other customers who would prefer to buy their sunglasses along with other outdoor accessories like flip-flops, hats, and sunscreen. Expanding your inventory would meet that need.

It’s Time to Start Anew

We are starting to see some light at the end of coronavirus tunnel. It has been a tough thirteen or so months, but this year promises to be better. Embrace that mindset. It’s time to start anew. Make 2021 the year you succeed and grow your brand by trying everything. If you don’t try anything new, you won’t gain anything new either.

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