The word ‘cheap’ is one that a lot of businesses try to steer away from when marketing their products. The thinking is that ‘cheap’ has negative connotations you don’t even want your customers thinking about. However, we would like to present the other side of the coin. We don’t think you need to be afraid of the word for marketing purposes.

As a bulk supplier of wholesale sunglasses, we are fully aware of all the intimate details of the business side of things. We know you want cheap men’s and women’s wholesale sunglasses because wholesale pricing affects retail pricing. You are not afraid to look for cheap products to stock your shelves.

Cheap in Price Only

You aren’t afraid to look for cheap products because you don’t define ‘cheap’ as low quality. You use the term only in reference to price. That is one of the reasons you are happy to buy from us. You have seen our products and you know that they compete extremely well in terms of quality.

You can market to your customers using the same line of thought. Market in such a way that they understand that you apply the word ‘cheap’ to price only. Find a way to let your customers know that your products do not sacrifice quality for lower price.

Warning Against Cheap in the UK

We should probably tell you that this post was inspired by a recent survey taken in the UK. The survey of just over two thousand consumers revealed people are looking to buy cheaper sunglasses due to inflation. A higher cost of living is prompting them to spend less on eyewear.

The survey apparently prompted the College of Optometrists to warn UK residents to stay away from cheap sunglasses. They claim that cheap sunglasses “often provide no protection against dangerous UV rays.” We wholeheartedly disagree.

Be that as it may, the College of Optometrists goes on to encourage UK consumers to “always purchase sunglasses that have the UV mark.” As a wholesale sunglasses distributor, we couldn’t agree more with that statement. In the UK, consumers should look for the British Standard, CE, or UKCA mark in order to guarantee a pair of sunglasses offers UV protection.

Here in the States, our sunglasses are marked a bit differently. As a retailer, you know that consumers should be looking for sunglasses rated anywhere between UV 300 and UV 400. The UV 400 rating means a pair of sunglasses blocks all ultraviolet rays.

Market to That Need

One of the reasons there is no need to be afraid of the word ‘cheap’ is because you can market to that need for UV protection. You can promote your sunglasses as offering full UV protection without costing an arm and a leg. That gives you an advantage over more expensive brands.

As a distributor of wholesale sunglasses, we can tell you that UV protection – or the lack thereof – has very little bearing on either wholesale or retail price. In fact, the majority of wholesale sunglasses on the market offer adequate UV protection. Those that do not are definitely outliers.

Paying Less Is Not a Bad Thing

What all this boils down to is the simple fact that paying less is not a bad thing. What’s most important is that your customers get a pair of sunglasses that adequately protects their eyes. If they can get what they need at a lower price, that’s a good thing, right?

Don’t be afraid of the word ‘cheap’. It is not a dirty word that needs to be banned from your marketing vocabulary. You can use it to your advantage to sell more sunglasses.

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