Hot on the heels of Memorial Day weekend, the experts at ShadesDaddy present our best summer sunglasses for 2022.

The onset of summer brings all the fun things associated with the season. Fun in the sun with friends and family, lazing around the beach or a pool, and of course, your favorite sunglasses to get you through it all.

We associate summer with a fun time to let loose and bask in the summer rays after sitting through the cold, harsh winters. But caution must be made for those ready to jump out into the sun and immediately bake in the hot sun.

Protecting your eyes at all costs while being in the sun should be a top priority when looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses. Our sunglasses experts encourage buying your next pair of summer sunglasses with the best UV protection against the harmful rays of the sun.

ShadesDaddy’s vast summer collection includes all forms of protection against the sun, so you can worry about more important things, like which angle of the sun to sit under or beach chair to sit on.

Our best summer sunglasses include a wide array of shapes and sizes for different stylings and settings. Picking a pair of sunglasses should go with your beach ensemble as well as for everyday use and evening wear.

Our 2022 summer collection features all of the modern styles that celebrities and athletes have flashed on red carpets and worldwide events and can be yours exclusively through ShadesDaddy.

Trendy new styles have emerged for the 2022 summer collection, so be one of the first to sport these new styles in front of all your friends and family.

Latest Trends in Summer Sunglasses

Some of the latest trends in summer sunglasses include overlay sunglasses, which add more dimension to your face with their over-the-top frame.

The new, trendy alien sunglasses have re-emerged as a new style in sunglasses, with their extraterrestrial style and distinct look.

Chunky aviators are also a new chic 2022 style that has hit the market recently. The thick-rimmed variation of the classic aviator features a sleek, stylish look with a thick, translucence to it.

Square frames are making a comeback as well, as exemplified by the Ray-Ban wayfarer, to enrich the classic frame shape in 2022.

Nothing turns heads faster than big cat-eye frames, which have become a fan favorite. The overlaying cat-eye features the classic shape but is more pronounced.

Whatever your style is, get ready to dazzle and look your best in ShadesDaddy’s best summer sunglasses for 2022.


The Right Pair of Sunglasses for You

We want to make sure you pick the right sunglasses for you. Whether you are looking for something fashionable or for a pair to wear around the pool, ShadesDaddy has you covered.

Some of our big summer collections include the following head-turners, that will no doubt make you the talk of the town this summer!

Finding the best sunglasses is truly in the eyes of the beholder and because ShadesDaddy is proud to house all of the top designer brands, there will be a pair of sunglasses just for you.

Highlighting all of the styles, like the aviators, cat-eyes, or large rectangular sunglasses, you will look like a star this summer.

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