We live in a time when marketers try extremely hard to avoid words that might appear to have negative connotations. The thinking is understandable, but it’s also misguided. The English language is replete with pseudo-negative words that offer incredible marketing power. ‘Cheap’ is one such word. Do not be afraid to use it to describe the designer sunglasses you sell.

It’s true that ‘cheap’ has negative connotations in some contexts. But it is a positive turn in others. It’s all in how you frame it. Use the term in the correct context and it can help you sell discount sunglasses more than capable of competing against pricier brands. So again, don’t be afraid to market your products as being cheap.

Cheap Can Mean Quality or Price

Products described as cheap can be so in one of two ways. First is quality. Cheap quality is not a desirable quality, as you know. A poor-quality pair of sunglasses is made of low-quality materials. They do not hold up very well to normal wear and tear. Maybe hinges come loose, or nose pieces fall off. Perhaps the lenses scratch too easily. At any rate, cheap is not good when it relates to quality.

On the other hand, cheap is good when it relates to price. As a buyer of bulk sunglasses at wholesale prices, you know that customers do not have to spend a fortune to get good quality. Olympic Eyewear sunglasses offer just as much quality as higher-priced brands, if not more.

When cheap refers to price, it is a good thing. That’s how you should market your products. You sell cheap sunglasses at a fraction of the price charged by high-end brands. But customers who buy those other brands are not necessarily getting something of higher quality. You know that and so do we. Now your customers need to know it.

The Year of Cheap

No more lockdowns and gradually fading social distancing restrictions suggest that people will be flocking outdoors in record numbers this summer. Were all tired of being cooped up in our living rooms, binge watching shows that have long since turned boring. We want to get out. You want to soak up the sun and spend time with family and friends.

In light of that, this could be the year of cheap sunglasses. Remember that a certain segment of the population was forced to collectively tighten its belt during the coronavirus pandemic. They will not have hundreds of dollars to spend on brand-name sunglasses. But they will be able to afford your brands and ours.

Go after that crowd by marketing cheap sunglasses as considerably less costly. Compare the quality of our brands against more expensive competitors. Let your customers know that a lower price does not necessarily equal lower quality.

Summer Marketing Now

At the time of this writing, the official start of summer was still more than a month away. Wise retailers will not wait until June to start marketing summer sunglasses. They are already marketing them now. Are you among them? Now is the time to get in on the summer gig if you’re not already working it.

Make this summer the summer that cheap sunglasses dominate your local area. Push cheap as hard as you can by focusing on price. If you can win the price war in the minds of your customers, you’ll have an easier time selling them designer sunglasses this summer, next summer, and every summer after that.

‘Cheap’ is not a bad word if you frame it correctly. It can be a great word for marketing designer sunglasses. Embrace it.

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