Deliveroo riders taking a break Image copyright Getty Images

Waitrose has signed a deal with takeaway food company Deliveroo to give customers a fast-track service from its stores to their homes.

The supermarket says it plans to run a 12-week trial starting from 1 September.

Households will be able to choose from more than 500 Waitrose products.

The move reflects Waitrose’s aim to form partnerships to make it easier for shoppers to buy its products.

“This gives us an opportunity to give our customers a taste of what the future of convenience shopping could look like for us,” said James Bailey, executive director for Waitrose.

The trial will start in stores in Bracknell and Clifton, followed by Surbiton, Cambridge and Notting Hill on 3 September.

It coincides with the end of Waitrose’s 18-year relationship with online delivery firm, Ocado, which will start selling M&S food from 1 September.


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