Ekonovah and Jace Mek just dropped their collaborative EP Introvert and it’s incredible. The two track EP – “Introvert” and “Never Alone” – provides some of the most unique house music we’ve heard in a while. The EP kicks off with the electro banger “Introvert,” with its slithering bassline and dancing vocals. On the B-side, we’ll find the signature Ekonovah sound accompanied by erratically rhythmic synths. Check out the EP for yourself below and read what both artists have to say about the project as well.

“When I was introduced to Stephen, we talked about working together and I was really interested to see what we could do.” says Jace Mek. “I love his unique sound and how he’s innovating in the house music space.”

“Working with Cesar was so fun and organic. We decided to make [Introvert] our title track because we are both naturally introverted – I think we both thrive in the studio, so it felt natural to work on a track with these lyrics.” says Ekonovah. “I absolutely love these drops and I’m itching to play them live – hopefully soon!”

Ekonovah + Jace Mek – Introvert EP | Stream

‘STREAM: Ekonovah and Jace Mek Unleash Impressive New “Introvert” EP

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