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August 11th – August 14th, Elements Music and Arts Festival will be taking place in Long Pond Pennsylvania. An escape unlike any other, this festival is bringing their most impressive lineup to date, with headliners including the likes of Chris Lake, Skrillex, Rezz, Subtronics and more.

Beyond the music lineup, festivalgoers can explore a magical playground complete with Burning Man style art cars and rows of Vibe Villages, which are decorated theme camps created by guests. Elements will also showcase 3D video projection mapping, interactive performances, and large-scale art installations, plus a Health & Wellness lineup with yoga, aromatherapy, dance, comedy, sound baths, and multidisciplinary workshops. This festival, naturally, also includes camping, so we made sure to catch up with some of the artists on the bill to get their best camping tips, check them out below.

QUOTE: Luke Miller (Lotus) – “My advice for festival camping is to keep a regular
eating schedule. It can be easy to get caught up in the festivities and forget to eat in your regular patterns. Just take a minute to eat meals like you normally would and you’ll have a great time.”

ARTIST: Zingara
QUOTE: “Best camping advice: get an rv and have a pickle party:”

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ARTIST: Tres Mortimer
QUOTE: “Camping festivals are not just about the music; they’re about the collective energy and sense of community. Connect with fellow attendees, be open to new experiences, and show respect for the environment and the people around you. Embrace the opportunity to make new friends and create memories.”

ARTIST: Gem & Tauri
QUOTE: “Leave no trace, take care of yourself, and create a safe space! Drink a Liquid IV and protein shakes, take your vitamins, bring tools to create a cozy campsite with solar powered lights, carpets, and a power bank.”

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ARTIST: Daily Bread
QUOTE: “Get off the ground when you sleep! Use an air mattress or a cot for better rest, it also keeps you off the wet ground in the event of rain. I learned this the hard way.”

QUOTE: “My best camping advice is to always bring extra food, snacks, beverages to offer to share with your neighbors. It’s such a great way to make new friends and establish some positive relationships with the people around you. Starting the weekend off with good communication can go a long way throughout the festival, especially when you’re staying in close quarters!”

Tickets are still available here for purchase. This event is a can’t miss if you are in the tri-state area.

‘INTERVIEW: Elements Artists Share Their Camping Tips

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