Photo Credit: Benjamin Farren

Dubai-raised, Los Angeles-based D Malik is the newest face on the scene, making an epic debut for the ages. Today, D Malik’s stadium-ready “Prince” ft. Michael Lanza hits streaming services worldwide. Bringing a fresh new perspective to music, Malik combines his many influences in rock, electronic, and rap to create an exciting debut.

“Prince” combines fierce guitar riffs with bass-packed beats, coupled with a striking vocal performance from both D Malik and Michael Lanza.

“‘Prince’ showed me that I could incorporate sonic elements from my culture, from South Asia and the Middle East, and represent it on my debut release,” says D Malik on his single. “That was an important realization for me, having grown up on rap and rock and electronic from afar. It’s a piece of my identity for the world to hear – and that’s why I had to lead with it from the very start.”

“Prince” also features an avant-garde music video accompaniment. Stream the song on your preferred platform here, and watch the video below.

‘WATCH: D Malik Debuts With Stadium-Ready “Prince”

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