Last week, Slayer announced their unexpected reunion in the form of two major festival appearances.

The news came just five years after the thrash metal pioneers bid adieu with a celebratory farewell tour in 2019 — shows that certainly felt like a victory lap for the legendary band.

The relatively short-lived retirement has apparently drawn skepticism from some fans, prompting the wife of singer-bassist Tom Araya, Sandra, to make a public statement on social media to inform the “trolls” that she, in fact, convinced Tom to get the back together and that the final decision ultimately came down to him.

“Let’s clarify for the trolls: Tom was done with playing,” wrote Sandra on Instagram [via Blabbermouth]. “I have harassed him for over a year. He agreed FINALLY. We shared that news with Slayer’s awesome managers and they did the rest! So yes without Tom it wouldn’t have happened.. without me BUGGING HIM it wouldn’t have happened. But go ahead with your drama! I however will be enjoying a few shows and I’m thankful he loves me and the fans enough to do this.”

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Sandra’s clarification comes after the wife of guitarist Gary Holt also took to social media to similarly blast the dissenters while adding that the reunion “isn’t a ‘TOUR’” and is just “some dates.”


Lisa Holt insisted, “Everyone that thinks they know all the inside info … you can’t possibly know. So just enjoy the fact that this amazing band will play some amazing shows this year…go or don’t..nobody cares!!!!!”

The reunion news came out of nowhere and was definitely a shock, especially considering comments made by founding guitarist Kerry King in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. King said that he hadn’t talked to Araya since the final show of the farewell tour and did not seem overly optimistic about a Slayer reunion, much less a tour, although he didn’t rule it out completely.

Moreover, King recently launched his eponymous solo band, with a debut album and tour dates on the way, making the announcement of the Slayer reunion even more surprising.

Slayer are currently slated to play Riot Fest in Chicago on September 22nd (get tickets here) and Louder Than Life in Louisville, Kentucky, on September 27th (get tickets here).


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