In today’s dose alt-rock drama: Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando posted some harsh tweets this week at the expense of Jawbreaker, after the latter band fired the former from a tour. “I just want anyone anyone and everyone to know that Jawbreaker are pussies. Fact not my opinion,” Dando wrote on May 5th. “Or rather they aren’t the Bruce Springsteen’s of alternative rock that they pretend to be . I’ll meet any of them any time for a Fight let’s go.”

Back in April, Jawbreaker posted an update to social media saying The Get Up Kids would be replacing The Lemonheads for three tour dates on the “Dear You” 25th Anniversary Tour. Jawbreaker didn’t explain the cause of the switch-up, but Dando evidently had some ideas: “Those motherfuckers kicked us off the tour because they were scared of us With me having my voice back or they were just scared of me,” he wrote in additional tweets. “We got kicked off the tour after one show surprising we made them look good that night.”

In a tirade of near-Kanyelike proportions, Dando continued doubling-down on his verbal attacks towards Jawbreaker, as well as his desire to fight: “I couldn’t think of any better word pardon the expression ladies women womyn,” he wrote. “Everybody it’s not so cool to say pussies but sometimes its Unavoidable like when you’re talking or thinking about the band Jawbreaker… You didn’t need to deprive our fans if you wanted to fight why didn’t you say that the from beginning . I’ll meet any of you anytime.”


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Dando went on to insinuate that he had been kicked out of a Jawbreaker show at some point, and that The Lemonheads were booted off the tour for going into the audience before the show began: “I was angry that they threw me off for violating a rule that wasn’t posted anywhere We got kicked off the tour For going into the audience before the show. I committed to doing those shows . I wanted to do the shows. I was pissed off for being thrown off.”

When a well-meaning fan tried to mellow Dando down, he had quite an audacious response: “You trying to talk to me about rock ‘n’ roll I don’t talk to Lou Reed.” Bold claim from a guy who played a gig in a Walgreens last year, but we digress.

Lastly, and most certainly not least, Dando tweeted an “open letter to George W. Bush” apologizing for saying “fucked things” about him in the past, and requesting a painting of his for The Lemonheads’ next album cover: “As a peace offering I would like you to do our album cover I like your paintings ( we can pay 10 G ).”


Meanwhile, Jawbreaker had no comment on the beef when asked by Stereogum. Despite the two candy-themed band names in this scenario (as pointed out by Juliana Hatfield), however, this situation doesn’t taste too sweet. Read the tweets for yourself below.

Earlier this year, Consequence caught up with Jawbreaker about Dear You at 25.


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