The Haxan Cloak has shared a new song, the first track from producer Bobby Krlic under that moniker in over a decade. It’s titled “N/Y,” and it’s also Krlic’s first release on his newly established Archaic Devices label. Check out “N/Y” below.

“‘N/Y’ is a feeling I’ve had for a really long time,” Krlic said in a statement. “It was made with the intention of being something that I could play live only, and was just this burst of intensity that could re-contextualize anywhere I would play it in. I kept working on it and it became something that I wanted to hear regardless of the context. I made the video in the same way. Making charcoal drawings and oil paintings, then fusing these together with self-shot video of myself in my studio. It feels immediate and without compromise. It was made quickly, in a moment, with complete intention. I really hope it changes the space you’re in.”

Krlic last released material as the Haxan Cloak in 2013 with Excavation. The new label Archaic Devices will reissue that album, as well as 2011’s The Haxan Cloak. Both releases, plus new merch and a 12″ vinyl pressing of “N/Y,” are available to pre-order now and will ship November 24.

Since Excavation, Krlic has focused a significant amount of attention on scoring movies, video games, and TV shows, with Snowpiercer, Beef, and Red Dead Redemption 2 among some of his credits. He scored Ari Aster’s horror hit Midsommar in 2019, and worked with the director again for this year’s Beau Is Afraid. He most recently contributed to the soundtrack for the DC superhero film Blue Beetle.


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