What is it about pop stars dating professional athletes that really capture the zeitgeist? From unexpected pairings to A-list matches that almost feel contrived, there’s something fun about seeing people from different sectors of celebrity cross over. Naturally, the news this week has been pretty fixated on one such example, but this is far from the only time that a creative has stepped onto the field in the name of love.

Some musicians who dated athletes stayed locked in for the long haul, like the Nashville Predators’ Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood, while others were just a fun blip on our radar. Read on for the ten romances between pop stars and athletes.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

taylor swift travis kelce athletes dating pop stars

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

It was the suite appearance that shook the world. Don’t we all remember where we were when we heard the words, “Taylor Swift is at the Chiefs game in Kansas City eating a piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch?” After the dissolution of her long-term relationship earlier this year, Taylor Swift has been rightfully leaning all the way into a single girl summer, but national pride has rarely been higher in America than after she dropped British rascal and all around problematic musician Matty Healy for a seemingly nice athlete who just likes to have a good time. It’s Miss Americana and the Chief’s Tight End, a domestic fairytale and the closest thing we have to a royal couple at the moment. No matter how this ends, we’ve all had a great time.


Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo

Daisy, Jessica Simpson, and Tony Romo, photo by Rick Diamond/WireImage)

The relationship between singer Jessica Simpson and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo showcased just about every stereotype of celebrity romance. The two linked up after Simpson separated from Nick Lachey and spent just over a year together, during which they drew the ire of angry Cowboy fans. Of course, thanks to the misogynistic lens typically used for such high-profile couples, much of the wrath for Romo’s play landed on Simpson, who some Cowboys fans accused of distracting their quarterback from the game. The spectacle continued throughout the end of their time together, as Romo ended the relationship via email due to his suspicion that Simpson was seeing another of her famous ex-lovers: John Mayer.

Victoria Adams Beckham (Posh Spice) and David Beckham

Image via Instagram/@victoriabeckham

Sometimes, a celebrity pairing just makes perfect sense. In 1997, David Beckham was becoming a tour de force for Manchester United and assuming the role of a major British sex symbol in the process. Meanwhile, Victoria Adams was at the peak of her powers as Posh Spice in her group The Spice Girls, whose 1997 album Spiceworld cemented the quintet as superstars. Together, they represented the pinnacle of “Cool Britannia,” and reflected a combination of three major cultural exports: English football, English pop music, and English fashion. Their highly-publicized relationship, which still continues over 25 years later, was almost immediately mired in intense pressure and encroachment — something that will be covered in depth in the soccer player’s upcoming Netflix documentary, Beckham.


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