Veteran prog-rocker Steven Wilson has issued an apology to Wolfgang Van Halen after seemingly diminishing the passing of Wolfgang’s legendary father, Eddie Van Halen, in a recent interview. Wolfgang, in turn, accepted Wilson’s explanation, telling him it was “very kind” of him to reach out.

Wilson’s questionable comments came when he was asked by FaceCulture if Eddie Van Halen’s death affected him, to which he replied, “Honestly, it didn’t, because I was never a fan. I know he’s an extraordinary musician, and it’s always sad when an extraordinary artist dies, [but] I was never a fan of the so-called shredder mentality. And I think in many ways, he was the father of that whole kind of movement. … I never understood that ‘playing as fast as you can’ thing. And I know that wasn’t all he did — I know he was a more flexible musician than that — but I think that the legacy that he has, Eddie Van Halen, is in creating the shredder phenomenon, which is something so vile to me.”

Wolfgang, who is a fan of Wilson and his former band Porcupine Tree, expressed disappointment, tweeting, “Damn this bums me out hard. Been a huge fan of his for years. [Porcupine Tree’s] Deadwing is one of my favorite albums of all time.” However, he did add that the headline on one particular article was “a little too clickbait-y, because what he said really wasn’t that rude.”

On Wednesday (February 3rd), Wilson publicly apologized to Wolfgang in a series of tweets that read as follows:

“Dear @WolfVanHalen, apologies, no disrespect was meant to your father, an extraordinary musician. I personally never owned any @VanHalen records and didn’t ever get into the style of playing, but he was clearly an incredible innovator.

So when asked about his passing I couldn’t honestly say I was affected deeply by it, at least not in the way that my heroes Bowie or Prince’s passing had affected me.

This statement was given in honest humility. Forgive me for any offence unintentionally given, and I offer my deepest condolences. SW.”

Seeing Wilson’s apology, Wolfgang responded, “Incredibly kind of you to say, @StevenWilsonHQ. I meant no ill will in my previous tweets. As I said, the internet was exacerbating what you had said, as the internet tends to do. Still very kind of you. Be well, friend.”

Wilson recently released his latest solo album, The Future Bites, unveiling a captivating yet unsettling video for the song “Self”.

Wolfgang, meanwhile, is preparing to release his debut solo album under the moniker Mammoth WVH. He previewed the LP with the single “Distance”, dedicated to his late father.

See Wilson’s series of tweets, as well as Wolfgang’s response, below.


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