For the Gallaghers, musical proficiency is a family affair. Liam and Noel rose to superstardom as the core members of Oasis, and their kids are apparently following in their footsteps: During a recent episode of his residency on British rock station Radio X (via NME), Noel revealed that his 10-year-old son, Sonny, taught him how to play the AC/DC classic “Back in Black.”

The High Flying Birds singer said that ever since Sonny picked up the guitar not too long ago, he “rattles around on it every night.” But rather than gravitating towards the Britpop of Oasis, Noel’s “little protégé” is evidently big on classic rock bands like AC/DC and Queen. I genuinely did not know how to play this riff, ‘Back In Black’, which is a famous riff,” Noel said.

Noel went on to describe how he’s been thoughtful about letting his children forge their own passions: “My plan was always not to say, ‘Right, dad’s a musician, you’re going to be a musician,’ because I know loads of kids who have done that and by the time they get to 21 they’ve given it up,” he said. “They’re just not interested. So my plan was just to leave musical instruments around the house. Sonny’s always had little keyboards in his room and a guitar. He literally picked it up and he’s had a go. He’s into it.”


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“Back in Black” isn’t the first AC/DC song Sonny has tried out, either. Noel also recalled the time his son asked if he could play the band’s 1990 classic, “Thunderstruck”: “I sheepishly went, ‘No’. He was like, ‘[A] guy in our school can play it and he’s grade 2 [on guitar]. What grade are you?’ I was like, ‘I’m grade £76 million, son. That’s what I am, how about that?’”

Ultimately, Noel doesn’t seem to mind the possibility of his son eclipsing his own musical legacy: “I’ve never been so proud of anything or anyone in my life,” he concluded.

As you might expect, Sonny isn’t the only Gallagher kid with a passion for music. Liam’s son, Lennon, fronts a rock band called Automotion, whose debut EP In Motion was released last June.



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