Track by Track is our recurring feature series in which artists guide readers through each song on their latest release. Today, Matchbox Twenty break down their first album in over a decade, Where the Light Goes.

Today (Friday, May 25th), Matchbox Twenty have unveiled their first new album in over a decade, Where the Light GoesThe multi-platinum pop-rock band returns with relatability, authenticity, and their trademark sound.

Originally, the commercial titans were planning on reuniting just for a few songs and a tour. But after working on what would become the record’s title track, the band became driven by inspiration.


“At this time, we were just going to tour and put out a song or two and this was one of the first ones we all kind of agreed on,” frontman Rob Thomas says of “Where the Light Goes.” “The real telling thing for me was after I sent Paul the demo that I made he sent it to Kyle and then when it got back to me it just immediately sounded like Matchbox Twenty. I realized that when we all work together it creates the DNA that becomes a Matchbox song.”

From the punchy lead single “Wild Dogs (Running in a Slow Dream)” to the stripped-back ballad “Hang on Every Word,” it’s clear that Matchbox Twenty are back to bring emotionally raw hooks and a sense of togetherness. Even ideas that originally came from outside the scope of the band became swallowed up by their creativity.

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“[‘No Other Love’] wasn’t intended for Matchbox,” band member Paul Doucette explains. “But Gregg asked me if I had any songs, so I sent a bunch to him and the guys and they all picked this one. Honestly, I was surprised. It didn’t seem like a Matchbox kind of song at the time. I am really glad they did though. They took it to a whole new level.”


Listen to Matchbox Twenty’s first album in over a decade, Where the Light Goes, below, followed by the band’s Track by Track breakdown of the record.

Matchbox Twenty just kicked off their North American tour with support from Matt Nathanson, Ben Rector, and Hudson Thames. Tickets for the remaining dates are on sale here.


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