The days we are born and the day we discover why are said to be the most important days of our lives. For upcoming DJ/Producer DIIIVA, their day came when she fell in love with music. Currently based in Los Angeles, DIIIVA has been working hard in the studio with JOYRYDE, making it the very first mentee the UK native has taken on. Working on creating a collection of new records that embodies her passion for electronic music. Living and breathing music, the female producer’s will to spearhead her very own movement begins now. The ambitious dance producer aims to land a major first impression with her remix of Ty Dolla $ign’s “Ego Death.” With brave and razor sharp attention to detail, this energetic rendition quickly solidifies her prodigal status. Her pursuit to challenge herself will soon be recognized as we continue to spectate her impending greatness. 

“It’s very easy for artists to become attracted to the wrong things in this world but to see when they are attracted towards discovery and fun always reminds me why I’m so grateful to be an artist. Tanya’s music and the way she behaves with it are just refreshing to me. it’s amazing to watch someone living in their most natural setting and do it so well.”  – JOYRYDE

Listen to the remix below.

‘LISTEN: DIIIVA Requires Your Attention with “Ego Death” Remix

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