Our Track by Track feature gives artists the opportunity to share the inspiration and stories behind each song on their latest release. Today, Kae Tempest takes us behind the inspiration for their new album, The Line is a Curve.

British multi-hyphenate artist Kae Tempest is back with their fourth album, The Line Is a Curve. Simultaneously sensitive and grounded, the album is as sonically dazzling as it is vulnerable.

Their first release since 2019’s Rick Rubin-produced The Book of Traps and Lessons (and their first since coming out as non-binary), The Line Is a Curve shows Tempest overcoming overwhelming anxiety and self-doubt, their undeniably unique creative voice shining through. “For the last couple of records,” Tempest tells Consequence, “I wanted to disappear completely from the album covers, the videos, the front-facing aspects of this industry. A lot of that was about my shame… but this time around, I want people to feel welcomed into this record by me.”


Tempest feels more comfortable in their own skin now, and it’s reflected in the material. “I feel more grounded in what I’m trying to do, who I am as an artist and as a person, and what I have to offer,” they explain. “I feel less shame in my body because I am not hiding from the world anymore.”

To accompany the release of The Line Is a Curve, Tempest has broken down the album in our latest Track by Track interview. Give it a spin, and get the details behind each of the album’s twelve tracks below.

Tempest will support the new LP on a UK and EU tour this summer; snag tickets here.


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