Jeff Rosenstock has shared a full re-recording of his 2020 album NO DREAM; it’s a ska album now called SKA DREAM. The album was recorded long-distance via file sharing between Jeff Rosenstock and his band. Every song from NO DREAM has a new title to reflect its status as a ska song. “NO TIME” is now “NO TIME TO SKANK,” for example. Other keywords subbed in for the original song titles include “porkpie,” “checkerboard,” “pick it up,” “rudie,” and on six of the songs, the word “ska.” Listen to the album below.

As with most things ska in my life, what started out as a fun goof with friends eventually morphed into “Hey, what if we tried to make it good though?” All of us have a pretty deep history playing and touring the country in punk/ska bands. We all understand the stigma that comes along with ska, we’ve all dealt with the pitfalls of it, and we’ve all kept on truckin’ regardless. If you are one of those people who loves music as long as it isn’t ska, that’s cool, we see you. This record isn’t for you and you don’t have to listen to it. Byeeee.

Rosenstock is selling SKA DREAM vinyl and merch. The album is available for free or donation via Quote Unquote Records with all money going to First Nations Development Institute.

NO DREAM was named one of Pitchfork’s “35 Best Rock Albums of 2020.”


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