The living legend Mark Knight was awarded the Icon Award at the 2024 Electronic Dance Music Awards (EDMAs). Knight is the founder of Toolroom Records, which has been influential in the dance music scene for the past 20 years. His work often integrates elements of classic house music with contemporary influences, producing tracks that have become well-known within the genre. Knight’s collaboration with the EDMAs highlights his long-standing contribution to electronic dance music. Through Toolroom Records, he has supported the growth of many artists in the industry. The EDMAs, recognized for honoring top achievements in electronic dance music, has absolutely given the proper honor in the proper category in this case.

The EDMAs are known for allowing fans to vote for the winners, emphasizing the importance of the fans being a driving force in how the award was decided upon in Mark Knight’s case. The EDMA’s this year, in Miami, featured well-known DJs such as Martin Garrix and Armin van Buuren, and so many other A-list names, demonstrating the event’s prominence and overall influence within the electronic music community.

Over his career, which spans more than three decades, Knight has been a key influencer within house and techno. Toolroom Records, under his leadership, was noted as Beatport’s highest-selling label in 2023 – an incredible feat to say the least. Knight’s discography includes notable tracks like “Man with the Red Face” and “Second Story,” which are beautiful releases and easily recognized within dance music culture.

Knight also focuses on fostering new talent through the Toolroom Academy, and his international reputation as a DJ is well-established and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. His most recent project, Fool’s Paradise, aims to promote quality house music and bring an overall different edge to the scene. The Icon Award, one of the most important awards of the entire ceremony, at the EDMAs, serves as recognition of Knight’s long-term impact on EDM, affirming his influential role in shaping the industry. With that said, we couldn’t help but chat with Mark Knight about the EDMA’s, his career, and so much more. See the full exclusive interview directly below.

How does it feel to snag the Icon Award at this year’s EDMAs, both on a personal level and for your career?

Winning the Icon Award is honestly a big deal for me. It feels like a validation of all the hard work and passion I’ve put into music over the years. It’s great to see that effort being recognized by both the industry and, importantly, by the fans. Their support has been the backbone of my journey, and getting this kind of acknowledgment from them means the world to me.

When you think about your journey in electronic music, which standout moments do you think nudged you towards clinching the Icon Award?

I’m not sure it’s for me to say really! I’m really humbled by it.  I guess there are a few key moments that really stand out. For example, the first time I heard one of my tracks played in a club and saw the crowd’s reaction, it was a game-changer for me, and with all the music I’ve made I’ve kept this in mind. It solidified my desire to produce music that moves people. Also of course, launching Toolroom Records was a pivotal decision, marking a shift from not just creating music but also curating it, providing a platform for others in the scene. 

With the EDMAs being big on their unique trophies and letting fans have their say, what’s your take on getting this kind of love and recognition from the fans? 

The fan involvement in the EDMAs, where their votes have a say, adds an extra layer of gratitude and connection to winning this award. It reinforces the idea that music is a shared experience, and their love and recognition fuel my drive to keep pushing the boundaries of what I do.

Now that you’ve got the Icon Award under your belt, how do you see your role or vibe changing within the electronic music world?

Holding the Icon Award now, I don’t see it as changing my role in the scene but rather reinforcing my commitment to contributing positively, whether that’s through my own music, supporting emerging talent, or pushing the genre forward in innovative ways.

Over the years, you’ve had a ton of highlights. What sticks out as the most epic moment or achievement for you before this award?

Honestly this is impossible. I can’t distill a 30 year career into a single moment, or even a couple of handfuls of them! I think still being here and still being recognised as a leader in the field is all I could have asked for. 

You’ve played a huge role in launching a lot of artists with Toolroom Records. How do you juggle your own music with helping up-and-comers find their groove?

Balancing my music with supporting new artists through Toolroom Records is a constant endeavor. It’s about creating a space where up-and-coming talent can thrive while also staying true to my own creative process. It’s a challenging but rewarding balance, focusing on nurturing the next generation while also evolving as an artist myself.

After being in the game for over 30 years, how do you keep things exciting and appealing for both the newbies and the die-hards?

Keeping the excitement alive in music, especially after 30 years, is about staying curious and open. It’s about embracing new sounds, technologies, and collaborations, always looking for ways to innovate and inspire, both for the newcomers to the scene and the long-time fans.

Is there a game-changing decision or a moment you can share that really set you on the path to where you are now?

A game-changer for me was definitely the decision to dive into the music industry full-time. Taking that leap, focusing on my music, and starting Toolroom Records set the foundation for everything that came afterward. It was a risk, but one that has guided me to where I am today.

Looking ahead, how do you envision your and Toolroom Records’ influence shaping the future faces of electronic music?

Looking forward, I hope to continue shaping the electronic music landscape through both my own work and the artists we support at Toolroom Records. The goal is to keep pushing the boundaries, fostering new talent, and ensuring that quality music gets the platform it deserves, shaping the future of electronic music in a positive and dynamic way.

‘INTERVIEW: Mark Knight Talks Winning 2024 Icon Award, his Journey in Electronic Music, Toolroom Records + More

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